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Storing large data pools is an increasingly complex challenge. Between public clouds and data lakes in particular, you can paste oceans of enterprise data anywhere. But leveraging that data to do something useful is a whole other challenge.

The analogy that the data is the oil of this era is half-baked at best. Oil takes time to form, unlike data, for example. But where the data: oil comparison works to some extent is that crude oil isn’t good for so many things on its own. You have to refine it to get the plethora of products that still power the modern world.

The data is not too different. And at the upcoming TechCrunch Sessions: SaaS event on October 27, we’re hosting a panel to dig deeper into the matter. Barr Moses, co-founder and CEO of Monte Carlo, will join Dan Wright, CEO of DataRobot, and Jenn Knight, co-founder and CTO of AgentSync, to walk us through the subject.

Monte Carlo helps companies ingest their data with a set of products called data observability. AgentSync is part of the insurance data world, helping to pass key information about brokers between different parties. And DataRobot, recently valued at $ 6.25 billion by Crunchbase data, has built a data platform that combines AI, automation and machine learning in one package, making machine learning more efficient. .

So, we’ll have people with in-depth knowledge of how to make sure the data arrives, how to tie the data to other platforms, and how to massage it deeply to better understand its contours.

With this panel collected, we will dig into two main themes. The first dealing with their companies:

  • Why so many startups are attacking the data market from different angles, and when can we see a consolidation in the data products market
  • Building platforms versus building more targeted solutions
  • What’s in store for the data market the founders might not know about

And other market questions regarding how modern businesses are using data today:

  • How effectively startups use machine learning today, and businesses in general
  • How data can lead to a better understanding of the customer, if at all
  • The tension between greater data collection, and analysis and confidentiality

It’s gonna be a blast. I can’t wait to host, because I will learn a lot. Tickets start at just $ 35, but reserve yours today before prices go up at the door. We’ll see each other there!


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