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NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES, April 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Speaking of india advanced technology, one might want to recall the tech giants such as Wipro, Tata and Infosys. Recently, india The erupting tech scene has spawned high-profile unicorns serving the country’s growing middle class: e-commerce giant Flipkart, Paytm and BYJU. Today’s Indian tech industry is attracting the attention of investors, and they have the potential to go much further if they tap the right markets for growth.

India has plenty of room for software technologies like AI, blockchain, IoT, data science, Salesforce, etc. Speaking of AI, it has the potential to grow by 15% india current gross value in 2035. india the stakes are skyrocketing when it comes to companies adopting artificial intelligence to expand their operations and adopt simple workflows. When we talk about Blockchain, we are still at the beginner’s stage due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. However, according to research, the overall contribution of Blockchain to the Indian economy is expected to affect $ 62.2 billion mark by 2030.

India is one of the first companies to meet the IT needs of businesses. Critical factors that attract potential investors are a breeding ground of talented developers, superb infrastructure and mainly low costs. According to the IDC report, india The software market is expected to increase at an annual growth of 17.6% from 2019 to 2024. Hence, india the software market has a bright future. Top software companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem have set a benchmark for delivering amazing services with the latest technologies in blockchain, AI, data science, Salesforce, IoT and more. Hyperlink InfoSystem has experience developing software for multiple industries including retail, healthcare, finance and others.

Known as one of the world’s leading application developers, Hyperlink InfoSystem has delivered over 3,500 applications and over 2,000 websites for more than 2,300 customers worldwide. The company has experience with the latest technologies including AR / VR, AI, IoT, CRM, Big Data analytics and has built over 300 successful solutions for its clients. Hyperlink InfoSystem was founded in 2011, and today they are a team of over 350 highly skilled developers who help businesses meet their personalized technology needs.

Hyperlink InfoSystem Founder Harnil Oza says, “We aspire to excel in software in a way that touches the hearts of our customers. Having mastered mobile applications, we even got our hands on other custom software solutions. we are proud, because having accomplished so much in such a short time is not child’s play! “

For your business software needs, feel free to connect with the Hyperlink InfoSystem team and discuss your ideas as you watch them come to fruition! Send your requirements by e-mail to [email protected].

About the hypertext link information system:

Hyperlink InfoSystem is an established and popular leading web and mobile application development company based in US, UK, UAE, France, Canada with its development center in India. The company’s talented team of over 350 developers provide world-class services in custom software development, mobile and web application development, blockchain development, AR application development and VR, game app development, artificial intelligence, data science, Salesforce and more. . Since 2011, the company has successfully created more than 3,500 mobile applications for more than 2,300 customers worldwide.

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Contact details:

Hyperlink information system
Harnil Oza
+ 1-805-744-1224
[email protected]

Address in New York:

A global trade center
285 Fulton Street, Suite 8500,
New York, New York State 10007,
United States

Address in London:

Level 30, The Leadenhall Building,
122 Leadenhall Street,
London EC3V 4AB

Bombay Address:

Level 8, Vibgyor Towers C 62,
G Block Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bombay, Maharashtra 400098

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