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Has traffic looked worse in the Boston area since Labor Day? You’re not alone.

Massachusetts transportation officials and other experts had warned traffic would be worse, when people returning from vacation and students starting school clog roads already strained by the closure of the Orange Line train – the 30-minute stop days enters its last week.

Sure enough, the traffic was booming as reported by many local drivers last week:

MBTA chief executive Steve Poftak said Friday that the day before, when Boston public school students returned to class, was the busiest day on city streets the agency has seen since its inception. of the closing of the orange line.

“With the post-Labor Day traffic, we saw an increase in traffic,” he said. “We had students coming back from the north side of the line. Most of the Boston area students came back yesterday, and we also saw very difficult traffic conditions.”

The Orange Line is expected to remain closed until September 19 and the MBTA says 66% of the work has been completed.

But traffic had increased in the area since before Labor Day, according to data shared by Waze, the navigation company that powers the NBC10 Boston and NECN traffic pages.

In the Boston metro area, traffic actually dropped between the Thursday before Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1, and the Thursday following. Traffic was down 4.7%, according to Waze. The decline was less in the city itself: traffic fell by 0.7%.

Traffic this Thursday was higher in the Boston metro area compared to two weeks earlier, Thursday, Aug. 25, by 1.1%, and in the city it was up 3.7%, Waze said. .

According to Waze, traffic was very heavy on the Thursday before the bank holiday weekend. Here is the increase in traffic in the cities of the region:

  • Boston: 15%
  • Stream line: 35%
  • Framingham: 14%
  • Somerville: 16%
  • Cambridge: 9%
  • Waltham: 13%
  • Lowell: 13%
  • Salem: 10%
  • Quincy: 4%
  • Newtons: 1%
  • Woburn: 0.1%


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