‘The Many Saints of Newark’ draws 1 million households to HBO Max: Samba TV – Deadline


When it comes to WarnerMedia’s HBO Max rate as of today’s movie date, we’ve written many times that anything that looks pale in theaters degrades on service as well. This was not the case this weekend with the The Sopranos prequel function The many saints of Newark.

Although The Many Saints of Newark wasn’t that hot at the box office with an opening of $ 5 million, the photo landed 1 million US homes over the weekend on HBO Max according to Samba TV which monitors the unique streaming audience in the 3M SmartTV homes in the United States. It’s no surprise to hear that Many Newark Saints has hit HBO Max homes given that it is based on the hit HBO series that its fans are used to seeing at home.

Among the most adult popcorn-free HBO Max theatrical titles, Many Newark Saints surpasses the household audience on weekends by Samba TV by Reminiscence (842K American households on weekends, opening of the BO of $ 1.95M), Smart (753K, opening of $ 5.4M), crying macho (693K, opening of $ 4.4M), In the heights (693K, opening of $ 11.5M) and Judas and the Black Messiah (653K, $ 2M). The only adult film that Many saints files behind in HBO Household Max Samba Measurement is the Denzel Washington-Rami Malek movie The small things (1.4M homes, opening of $ 4.7M). Samba TV reports that New Line’s Mortal combat remains the most-watched theatrical day and date title on its first weekend this year with 3.8 million U.S. households.

Many saints by Samba TV slightly skewed the Caucasus at + 3%, with Philadelphia, PA over-indexing the most (+ 116%) in market DMAs, followed by Boston, MA (+ 97%) and Chicago, IL (+57 %).

At the movie theater, Many saints was further slowed down by C + CinemaScore and PostTrak outputs of 3 1/2 stars, 77% positive and 60% recommended. The diversity theatrical demos for the film directed by Alan Taylor showed 67% Caucasian, 20% Latino / Hispanic, 5% African-American and 5% Asian. Men and women over 25 also exited at 38%, while men under 25 only 13% and women under 25 10%. It was a movie aimed at an older audience, and they just aren’t ready to release during Covid just yet, so it’s no surprise that 11% of Many saints the ticket buyers were over 55 years old. Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes gave Many saints 75% fresh quality.

Many saints Co-writer and producer David Chase recently told Mike Fleming Jr. that he’d like to do a sequel to that previous film in the days leading up to Tony Soprano’s rise to kingpin. It wouldn’t be surprising if we also saw a limited series on the road.


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